Puregold.io Sep 21, 2019

CEO message for PGPay token holders after SWAP

A warm “hello’ to all PGPay token holders. We take this opportunity to thank you for the support and trust that you have reposed in us during this time. We also sincerely apologize for the long radio silence. While there has been no news or updates from us, please be rest assured that behind the scene, a lot of work is in progress to make the PGPay ecosystem more robust with a view to provide great benefits for all our community members. There has been quite a few changes and developments that we wish to share with you today.

There has been a long wait for you after our ICO was complete, and many developments that we were committed to, had to be put on hold due to the vast majority of coins dropping well below their initial price. Unfortunately, the PGTS token price saw little or no movement due to its listing on many so call exchanges with no volume.

We also witnessed some major shuffles in the management as some key members have moved on. Due to this, we had to search for new members and with any major changes at the top; it will take time for the new members to align themselves with the vision, strategies and programmes of the company. However, we are happy to say that the management is focused on making PGPay a great token with wide utility, and all members are targeting new partnerships, alliances and tie-ups in this direction.

We have installed 2 2nd Generation Gold ATMs at Resorts World Sentosa “RWS” and Singapore Cruise Centre “SCC”. We will continue to innovate on our previous Gold ATM designs and we shall bring out more advanced and user friendly models in the future, and to deploy them at strategic locations for any individual who wishes to buy certified gold and silver bars and medallions from us.

We are now in the final stages of forging a long lasting and mutually beneficial partnership with many businesses and reputable brands so that PGPay tokens can be used to buy great products and services, increasing the utility of PGPay and benefit PGPay holders.

We have delisted the PGTS token in an effort to revamp the role of Puregold Singapore. We are also waiting for a new license exchange to list PGPay. A decision has been made to raise funds via IEO on some reputable exchanges with whom we have signed agreements with. This will definitely help us expand our upcoming 3rd Generation Gold ATMs and PG-PAY.com to the Asia Pacific region.

Another exciting news that we are proud to share is that we are giving out incentives from the proceeds of our Gold ATMs to all our token holders this December. Do keep an eye on more news in regards to this!

We assure you that we are committed to make PGPay an effective and widely used token available for use in services and products throughout the Asia Pacific region. We are backed by a stellar reputation in Singapore and surrounding regions, and we are doing our best to help PGPay token holders get the most benefits from their investments.


Thanks and warm regards.