Puregold.io Aug 27, 2018

OEX Becomes The World's First Digital Currency Exchange To Accept PGG (Gold) Pairing As A Medium Of Transfer

Puregold.sg Group, a Singapore based firm, was established in 2010 as an e-commerce store selling value added 999.9 pure gold and 999 pure silver. It is one of Singapore’s premier private mints with its own in-house factory. It aspires to be the leading hub of creative quality premium gift coins and bars that are made in Singapore. Apart from physical retail shops, it also runs and manages an online platform, www.bullioncurrencies.com, empowering merchants and consumers to use gold as the base currency for all transactions. With its experience in the gold price market, Puregold.sg stepped into the global arena of gold trading and electronic gold exchanges.
Puregold.sg Group is proud to have won the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand in year 2012. This prestigious award is presented by an influential regional business magazine, the Global Business Magazine. This title is awarded to outstanding brands each year, examined in aspects including brand image, longevity, esteem and familiarity, goodwill, customer loyalty and overall market acceptance. We are also awarded by Lazada Top 5 Most Competitive Seller Award in 2017. This award is given to companies whose products were top seller in many countries.
OEX International Pte Ltd (Singapore) has collaborated with Puregold.sg Group to be the World’s First Cryptocurrency Exchange to accept PGG (Physical Gold), pairing as a medium of transfer. We strongly believe by our strategic business collaboration, we will discover greater business opportunities and possibilities to bring massive value to both companies in the blockchain world.

Ms Katrina, CEO of OEX International Pte Ltd (Singapore) and Mr Andy Loh, CEO of Puregold.sg Group

Puregold.sg Group launched world’s first gold-backed token, that will empower the next generation of e-commerce based on the blockchain. The PG-Pay platform will help daily transactions using PGG (Physical Gold) that will eventually help businesses and individual customers. The PGG (Physical Gold) is aimed to become a stable base pair on Bullion Currencies e-commerce platform and cryptocurrency exchanges that will eventually empower the global economy.

PGG (Physical Gold) is a digitized gold, a reward given to PGT holders issued by Puregold.sg Group that uses the current price of gold set on the LBMA exchange at the time of swap. PGG is stored in a third party secured vault and each gram of gold is registered to individual holders, making it transparent and secured to every PGG holders. All purchases and transactions that are made through Bullion Currencies and Gold ATM machines, part of the profit revenue will be credited to Bullion Currencies PG-Pay app platform in the form of PGG (Physical Gold).

To acquire PGG (Physical Gold) through our Bullion Currencies platform, you may signup at Bullion Currencies Gold Saving Account.

PGT is a utility token which can be used to offset transaction fee whenever token holders use it to transact through our Gold e-commerce platform BullionCurrencies.com and acts as a reward token for PGT holders.

Majority Cryptocurrency Exchanges Issue

  • Licensing issue
  • Banks deposit daily limitation

By pairing with PGG (Physical Gold), gold-backed token, it provides cryptocurrency exchange members an option to purchase PGG (Physical Gold) through our Bullion Currencies PG-Pay mobile platform, so they can instantly transfer PGG (Physical Gold) directly to the cryptocurrency exchange with the price set in LBMA gold price. PGG (Physical Gold) have no volatility issue unlike the Alt-coins. They can then use PGG (Physical Gold) to buy Alt-coins listed in the exchange. Cryptocurrency exchange members also have an option to sell their PGG (Physical Gold) by transferring it to PG-Pay mobile platform, without daily limitation. Gold is money and by digitizing it, it makes transaction fast, secure, transparent and without liquidity issue.

Our HQ is based in Singapore as the Gold Trading Hub. We are expanding Bullion Currencies payment gateway networks to Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, upcoming Hong Kong, China, USA and Korea. The payment gateway solutions are scalable and expandable to all around the world.

We are inviting agents and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges to pair with PGG (Physical Gold), and to expand our Bullion Currencies gold-backed payment gateway networks to all around the world. By pairing with us, the exchange will be enrolled as our agent and they can recruit merchants or individual members and attractive rewards are given back to the Agents and PGT holders.

Join our Bullion Currencies Agent Partnership Program by signing up at Bullion Currencies Account.

For further inquiries, email us for more information at billy@puregold.com.sg

Billy Chiam
Marketing Officer

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Retail Shop

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Gold ATM

Singapore Cruise Centre, 1 Maritime Square, Level 1
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