Puregold.io Aug 31, 2019

Official announcement! Swap of PGTS to PGpay

Dear PGTS supporters,

Official announcement! Swap of PGTS to PGpay Start from 01/09/2019 to 14/09/2019

The Reason for this SWAP is to

1. Revamping our new project and will announce a new set of rewards and  
incentives that will be be beneficial to all PGpay tokens holders.

2. First we are  doing a final token swap to reflect this initiative.

3. Once the swap is fully performed we will be announcing an IEO to raise funds to
be able to implement the new reward feature on a Licensed Exchange.

4. The new token name is (PGPAY) to follow our project’s DNA.(PG-Pay.com) & Gold ATM

We are very serious on this SWAP we will not give any room for any short of info

You need to do the septs below for the SWAP:
1st you need to send over the PGTs to this address:
2nd give us your wallet address so that we can you the new token
3rd which country you from?

4th KYC needed to proof that you are the owner of the token (Passport ID) email to support@puregold.io
5th email us back the TX once you have done (email to support@puregold.io)
Please stay tuned here for more details and thank you so much for your continued support!
As we work together and bring the PGpay to the next level


Best Regards,

PGpay Support Team