Puregold.io Mar 30, 2019

Token Swap from PGT to PGTS

To PGT community,

Please be informed that we will be conducting a swap for PGT Pure Gold Token into PGTS Pure Gold Token Singapore in Coss or OEX.

1. Register an Trading Account in Coss.io or OEX,com if you do not have it.
2. If your PGT is in coss.io it will be auto Swap by coss.io
3. Transfer your PGT from COSS or OEX to your Ethereum ewallet if you wish to swap directly with PUREGOLD GROUP
4. Transfer PGT from your Ethereum ewallet to PUREGOLD GROUP wallet ( you can email to us for more info sales@puregold.com.sg)
5. The swap will last for 10days from 28/03/2019 till 08/04/2019 in both exchanges coss.io and OEX.com and/or directly from PUREGOLD GROUP.