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What Is PGG (PureGold Gold) and PGT (PureGold Token)?

What Is PGG (PureGold Gold)?

PGG (Physical Gold) is a digitized form of physical gold, it is also a form of reward given to PGT holders issued by Puregold.sg Group that uses the current price of gold set on the LBMA exchange at the time of swap. PGG is a unit that represents physical gold that is stored in a third party secured vault and each gram of gold is registered to individual holders, making it transparent and secured to every PGG holders. All purchases and transactions that are made through Bullion Currencies and Gold ATM machines, part of the profit revenue will be credited to Bullion Currencies PG-Pay app platform in the form of PGG (Physical Gold).

Make no mistake about this. 1 PGG (PureGold Gold) represent 1 gram of 999.9 pure gold which is stored in a third party secured vault (Loomis International) and fully insured.

PGG is a digital form of gold backed by 999.9 gold from 999.9 LBMA certified gold bullions, 999.9 fine gold coins, 999.9 fine gold bars and 999.9 fine gold, melted from LBMA certified bars into manufacturer brand, stamped by manufacturer.

PGG is not a ERC20 token. When a coin is integrated into the blockchain, manipulation can easily take place. That is the main reason why PGG (PureGold Gold) is not integrated into the blockchain to avoid manipulation for the benefit of PGG owners. With our unique approach, this will also benefits our PGT token holders to get the real value of gold ownership.

Gold is money and has always been a safe haven asset for now and the future generation. PGG is the only stable gold-backed coin you can easily own, use for payment and transaction securely anywhere in the world.

What Is PGT (PureGold Token) And What Is The Benefits To PGT Holders?

PGT is a utility token which transacts through the blockchain, making it transparent, secured and traceable. It can be used to offset transaction fee from our Gold e-commerce platform BullionCurrencies.com.

You can use PGT token to purchase PGG at spot price! Yes exactly! You get gold spot price without incurring 2% markup by purchasing PGG using PGT token which is extremely attractive compared to retail physical gold ownership. Only when you purchase PGT token from the cryptocurrency exchange to acquire PGG, you will get 1 PGG = 1 Gram 999.9 Pure Gold at Spot Price!

Through our unique gold business operations and strategies, we will have a strong use case of the PGT tokens to drive its demand. With the genuine demand of the PGT tokens, it will help to increase its value from our unique gold-backed token.

This is the exclusive benefits to our PGT holders, the value of PGT token is backed by real 999.9 pure gold!

To purchase PGT token using Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can do so now at OEX.com or COSS.io cryptocurrency exchange.

For further inquiries, email us for more information at billy@puregold.com.sg

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